How will the 2020
U.S. presidential election affect financial markets?

The U.S. presidential election
and the stock market are directly related

The results of the race for a place in the White House
in 2020 can seriously affect the shares of not only American,
but also world companies and their shares.

On November 3, 2020 two main opponents will run for the presidency:

Republican Donald Trump

who is the current president
of the United States

Democrat Joseph Biden

former Vice President
of the United States

In the summer of 2020, the latest polls showed
Joe Biden's result against Donald Trump
at 50 percent versus 40.4 percent

Today, Trump's confidence has shaken as his statements about protests in support of the BLM, corona virus and other important events have caused significant lost votes in important states.


Analysis of the last presidential election in America
predicted, after the victory of the democrats
US dollar grows, on average, by 4%, but after
the republican victory it would be by 2%

Stocks, in relation, also increase. That's why the best scenario for the financial market in 2020 is that the victory will go to Joe Biden - opinion of global scale analytics.


The US dollar index on the 1st of November in 2016 reached the rate of 101,50. But it's rate at the start of October was 93,713.


on the 1st of November 2016 Euro cost 1,0969$ - a week before the US elections. On the week of the elections Euro cost was 1,0855$, already a visible decrease in a weeks time, 14th November - 1,0794$

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This large-scale event affect the dollar,
and therefore - shares of companies
and stock indices

Their quotes in the run-up to the elections of the head of the country will make markets behave extremely unstable. Therefore, it is interesting to watch not only «elections» but also the situation on the market.


"How exactly can you benefit
from the U.S. election?" you will ask

The U.S. presidential election is not only an exciting world event but it can also have a big impact on you directly! Especially if you are engaged in trading and aim to get a profit from world events.

Will you win or not?

A lot depends on you and whether you follow the latest news updates closely. Be informed and do not miss the opportunity to get benefit from this major event.


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