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The Financial Commission membership

Maximarkets.org has become an official member of the Financial Commission

Maximarkets.org Company has joined the Financial Commission — an international independent organization, which deals with dispute settlement in the sphere of financial services on the Forex market.

The purpose of the Financial Commission is an objective and professional settlement of disputes between traders and brokers. The Commission makes transparency and simplicity of interaction between the parties its biggest priority. Joining the Financial Commission, companies demonstrate their commitment to keep the highest standards of commercial activities and the best business practices, irrespectively of their jurisdictions and licenses.

Now the clients of Maximarkets.org have obtained the right to use the Financial Commission as a neutral go-between for complaints resolutions in those cases when the dispute cannot be settled by the broker in terms of established procedures.

“We are happy to greet Maximarkets.org among new members of the Financial Commission,” – said Peter Tatarnikov, head of the Commission. – The structure of the voluntary membership in the Financial Commission requires companies to meet certain criteria and standards in their work. More and more online brokers and technology providers on the financial services market are demonstrating their commitment to high quality service for their clients, which is proved by the increase in the number of our members ».

«The membership in the Financial Commission fully corresponds to commitments to provide services to our clients meeting the highest industry standards, – the president of Maximarkets.org Yakov Livshits announced. – Strengthening the trust and obtaining the feedback from our clients have always been among our priorities. Joining the Financial Commission will help us to give our clients more confidence in transparency of the company’s work. In case of any disputes traders always know they are protected by the independent and authoritative body. We think this is an indispensible part of the successful client support on such a complex market as the Forex. It is so nice that there is such an independent organization as the Financial Commission, which can settle disputes in our industry in a friendly and professional way», – emphasized Mr. Livshits.

Maximarkets.org Company was founded in 2014 and is a part of the international holding company MaxiServicesLtd, which specializes in providing Forex-trading services Maximarkets.org is one of the leading brokers on the Russian market. The principal business of Maximarkets.org is the provision of modern services enabling clients to work on the world currency market. The company is the member of the International Association of Forex traders, the Association of Russian banks and the Association of regional banks of Russia.