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India and Russia have developed a platform that will replace SWIFT

The Economic Times, citing informed sources, reported that the Central Banks of India and the Russian Federation have already completed the development of a unique platform for conducting payment transactions bypassing SWIFT. This became necessary due to the conduct of anti-Russian sanctions. As it became known, India offered Russia various platform options, from which the…

French consumer price growth accelerated to 4.5%

In France, the upward trend in inflation continues. In March, it accelerated to 4.5% year on year. A month earlier, prices showed an increase of 3.6%. To the previous month, March inflation in the country reached 1.4%. Both indicators exceeded the levels predicted by analysts. They expected price growth in March by 4.3% and 1.3%…

Copper becomes cheaper due to the strengthening of the US dollar

Data from the Comex exchange indicate a decrease in the cost of copper. By 8 am Moscow time, the price of a pound of metal dropped to $4.7105, or 0.75% compared to its value at the close of trading the day before. Yesterday trading on the London Stock Exchange ended with a rise in prices…

CNOOC Triples Net Profit in 2021

The state-owned oil and gas company China National Offshore Oil Corporation, which ranks first in China in terms of production volumes, has published reports for the past 2021. According to published data, its net profit of 70.32 billion yuan has approximately tripled in twelve months. At the same time, economists expected its even higher growth…

Great Wall Motor increased revenue by 32% in 2021

Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor has released its 2021 report. According to it, last year net profit was 6.73 billion yuan, up 25.6% from a year ago. In the reporting period, revenue was recorded at 136.4 billion yuan. In twelve months, its volume increased by 32%. The company last year sold cars at an average…